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Social Media Writing Lesson Plans

By Erik Bean, Ed.D. & Emily Waszak

"I eagerly tested a YouTube lesson adapted for my class. My students had so much fun. They had no idea they were becoming mini subject matter experts as they created video summaries for our class YouTube channel. I immediately saw cross curriculum ties with science and social studies. I highly recommend the social media lessons in this book for teachers everywhere!” -- June 2014

"Karen Salsbury, ELA teacher, North Kansas City Public Schools

 “Incorporating social media resources into our teaching just makes sense since our students immerse themselves in it outside of school. Schools must step up and help them be critical consumers and savvy creators in this medium. Bean and Waszak provide a user friendly road map for the digital novice and inspiration for teachers more comfortable with technology. Original projects supported with rich digital resources, a detailed instructional approach, and assessment strategies are designed to be intellectually challenging and engaging for the contemporary 6-12 student. This is a book full of ideas and how-tos that will excite you and your students.”-- August 2014

Jill Spencer, Board Member, Maine Association for Middle Level Education (MAMLE)

“Bean and Waszak do a masterful job in highlighting the advantages and benefits of using social media to enable creative and engaging lessons. Well researched and written, this book provides invaluable step-by step-lesson creation and management strategies needed to master the educational use of top social media sites. Instructors will find this eminently readable handbook saves countless hours of frustration and backtracking compared with jumping into this complex area of cyberspace and going it alone.”
-- October 2014

John H. Shrawder, Executive Director, Teaching for Success, National Faculty Success Center

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Resources for Teachers
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Teachers1Stop.com, features a variety of quality lesson plans for secondary education teachers.

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WordPress for Student Writing Projects

By Erik Bean, Ed.D. & Emily Waszak

"The lesson plans are simple to follow and are attractive because of the embedded connection to the Common Core writing standards."

–Andrea Gumble, high school English teacher and department chair, Chenango Forks Central School District, Ithaca, New York

"With today's use of technology in the classroom, these lesson plans will greatly benefit your students."

-Claire Coffman, ELA middle school teacher, St. Peter’s Catholic School, Clarkston, South Carolina

"The ease of implementation using various Common Core units, types, and text makes these lesson plans so flexible."

–Jacqueline Cherry, high school English teacher, South Lyon Community Schools, South Lyon, Michigan