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Erik Bean, Ed.D.
has served as an department chair, school dean, associate professor of Arts & Humanities, curriculum developer, online instructor, and has taught English composition for more than 15 years. He is a motivational speaker and author of a popular Examiner.com Web 2.0 blog (or see news feed lower right) where he reviews websites, social media, and often reports on education, security, and technology issues. His conference presentations help teachers do their job more efficiently. Erik Bean also is the author of another new 2014 book from Westphalia Press, Washington, D.C. entitled, Rigorous Grading Using Microsoft Word: Plus Google Docs.


Emily Waszak is an accomplished creative writing and English composition teacher and author of self-help and children’s books. Her contributions provide a valuable link between Common Core creative and fictional writing expectations where high school students need to understand key writing components such as setting, time, and character development. Emily Waszak has worked in a variety of communication arenas. She also is a motivational speaker and has conducted writing workshops for middle and high school students in the suburban Detroit, Michigan area where she resides.